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How to Report A Cheater

How to Report a Cheating Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend or lover.

Here you will find a list of sites where anyone can report husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends and lovers. We dont condone nor advise anyone to report an ex spouse or lover but the options are there if you see fit.

Please remember that once you submit that report it usually then becomes the property of the cheating website you have submitted it to and it can and most likely will ruin that persons reputation online. These websites are very powerful in Googles eyes and once submitted its very likely that if you report ‘Jane Doe’ to Cheaterville.com that within a few days if you Google Jane Doe you will see the Cheaterville report/profile/post in the top page for Jane Doe. You can imagine the impact this will have on the person as everyone this day and age Googles one another. Future employers, future lovers, credit agencies, daycare providers and so on.

Most sites allow you to remain anonymous so the odds of that person finding out who posted the cheater report is hard but that doesnt mean that someone cannot attempt to sue you for the posting. Please review the legal section of this website for more information on that.

With that said….Here is the list. Use at your own risk.

CheaterVille.com – Dont Be the Last to Know. The largest cheating and infidelity site on the web.

ReportAffairs.com – Know of a secret affair that should be outed? Report it here.

TheDirty.com – Submit and review dirt. A huge portal to report cheaters, cheating athletes, professionals and people next door.

ReportYourEx.com - Report your ex lover and research your current date. Revenge style cheater reporting site focusing on reporting your ex.

DontDateHimGirl.com – Members based cheating/infidelity reporting site.

Infidelity.org – Report infidelity and cheating website.

PlayerBlock.com - Expose cheaters and dont get played. Cheating site with a phone number registry twist.

ReportAdultery.com – Report anonymous adultery you may have witnessed.

DatingPsychos.com – Crazy ex boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends and wives reporting site.

IHateCheaters.com - This websites name says it all

LiarsCheatersRus.com – Report Cheaters website

ReportAffairs.com – Website that allows reporting of affairs online

Cheater.co – A site that allows reporting of cheaters.

CheaterRegistry.com – CheaterRegistry site for cheating partners.

ReportDeadbeats.com – Report a deadbeat, we all know one dont we?

Scamsters.com - Not a cheater site however most of the cheaters listed are scamsters indirectly.

Cheaters.co – A very simple to use anonymous cheater and cheating boyfriend/girlfriend/hubby and wives site.